Port Amasa

Excerpted from “A Primer on Civilization”
– by Dunegas Dunegasson


Meaning “gateway” in old Ahurresha, Port Amasa is sometimes called the Jewel of the Islands. Not only is it the largest city of the civilized races who populate the Numin Archipelago, but it also serves as neutral ground for trading and negotiating between the other, more aggressive and tribal, races that inhabit our island chain. It also serves as the only waypoint for trading vessels that travel the Great Sea between the Eastern and Western continents, effectively giving those who control Port Amasa control over the vast wealth that flows between those extremely remote lands.


Situated on a large island near the south of the Archipelago, Port Amasa is actually two settlements that function as one. Amasa City was built upon a mesa overlooking a large, south-facing protected harbor known as Amasa Harbor. Amasa City is the center of trade and business, where merchants both store and sell their goods, where negotiations take place, as well as housing the Port’s defensive bastion. While the Amasai royal family and some notable, wealth families also live in the city proper, most residents of the Port are actually settled in Amasa Harbor, a waterfront settlement built around the center of the harbor’s shoreline, and extending a considerable distance into the water. The two are connected via a series of paths by which beast-drawn carts carry goods, and a magically-powered cable car system for foot traffic.

With most of it’s fortifications facing south towards the harbor’s entrance, Port Amasa has uncontested control of not only the harbor, but also the few reliable paths up to the city proper. Of the three armadas that have tried to invade Port Amasa, only one has made it to the docks at the foot of the mesa; that armada, while gaining the grudging respect of the defenders for having gotten that far, were quickly annihilated by thousands of gallons of Garek’s Fire being poured on them from hidden pipes carved through the mesa’s cliff faces. The occasional pirate raid (launched by desperate and/or foolhardy buccaneers) is never even as successful as those three notable attempts, making the Port the only reliable location for business and trade in the Archipelago.


Port Amasa

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